Meow indeed. Really something. I have a friend who does women’s empowerment work I will share this with. The exiting passages are vital!

My friend has Korean heritage so she may know more and be interested in the family of nations as well.

Thank you for a unique lesson. It is the sort of perspective which can cure my dumbed down understanding of eastern geopolitics.

Praying for peace!

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My friend, we´re gonna beat them no matter what, in Jesus´ name. The Pentagram no more!


You´re gonna love my peace!

Masks off, kittens, time to face big cats, for real!

I´m still standing, fighting their war bullshit, fiercely, like a buccaneer, tooth and nail!

Let´s go on a safari! No, not on a brutal, totally legit manhunt like in Bucha, a controversial war crime massacre I also touch on in my piece, in that democratic Nutzie U What! Come on, folks, keep us company, only 30 bucks!


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